The Project

Long gone are the days of “left brain” versus “right brain” ideology.

We, as the new generation of professionals, must go forth and view the world as what it has become–a series of disciplines no longer distinct, but rather intertwined and connected like never before.  In a now-global world, we must lead the charge as pioneers of a more global perspective in terms of traditional disciplines such as computer science, history, engineering, art, medicine and many more.  Let us act as bridge builders, and, in doing so, work to find more creative and innovative solutions to our world’s most glaring problems.

Building Bridges is a one-year program dedicated to highlighting those creative, interdisciplinary ventures currently being undertaken by undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University.  In collaboration with the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy, our purpose is to invite these innovative leaders to discuss the inspiration, development, results, and goals of their projects.  In the end, we hope that Bridges will inspire others to continue “looking outside of the box” in their respective disciplines to make the world a healthier, safer, and happier place.

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