Turn your towns into toys!

Or at least into what look like toys.  I thought this was a really cool idea that…well…doesn’t really have any other purpose but to entertain its users and audiences.  But the way we see it, these toy-like images bring a nostalgic feel to our hearts.  And with that comes a smile.  And with smiles comes good health.  So really at the end of the day you have people feeling happier and healthier just by looking at something weird and unusual but also original and fun.

Long story short, the idea of this camera that turns real scenes into toy-like dioramas–manufactured by Uniqlo–is a creative and interdisciplinary breakthrough that brings enjoyment to the masses.  Enjoyment that we all need as fun loving, good-ass-time having humans.  And that truly is a special thing.

Learn more about about the Bonzart Ampel Camera here!



(Sorry for the lack of posts recently!  Those mid-terms ya know?)

Pictures via fastcodesign.com

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