Episode 3: The Curbside Chronicle

At last, here is our third episode!  We want to thank Whitley O’Connor, the founder and executive director of the Curbside Chronicle, and Vanderbilt Television for making this segment what it is.  We hope that you all learn as much about this awesome program as we did.  Check it out:

More about the Chronicle –

“The Curbside Chronicle is a monthly magazine sold on the streets of Oklahoma City by homeless and at-risk of being homeless vendors. The Curbside Chronicle is one of 43 street papers in the United States, and the first street paper in Oklahoma. A street paper is a publication that offers employment and a voice to homeless and low-income individuals.

The Curbside Chronicle is a general interest magazine, covering local businesses and organizations, as well as national and worldwide trendy topics. In addition to covering a variety of general interest material, The Curbside Chronicle also aims to provide the homeless with a voice within the magazine. We give the homeless the opportunity to write articles for The Curbside Chronicle as a means of self-expression and empowerment. We offer content written by the homeless and about homelessness to help increase awareness of homeless issues and improve understanding of the situation. About 50% of each issue covers general interest topics and the other 50% is written by or about the homeless community. The homeless are often ignored and unheard in our society, and The Curbside Chronicle seeks to give them a voice.”

(via thecurbsidechronicle.org)

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