Engineers “eye”ing new advancements in camera lens technology

The inspiration for developing new and innovative technology is all around us.  It’s in the environment.  It’s in human behavior.  And sometimes, it is those very things that have been part of us since the day we were born.

Engineers at Ohio State University have taken parts of the human eye–one of the most valuable organs in our body–and its function as inspiration for a new, groundbreaking camera lens design.  This design could essentially work to make cameras, especially those used in smart phones and other handheld devices, more efficient as it would help eliminate the need for current “focusing” mechanisms.

Sidenote:  Aside from being a really interesting project, I was fascinated by the fact that one of the research heads, Associate Professor Yi Zhao, is a professor of both engineering and ophthalmology.  That’s pretty cool in my book.

Check the story out here:


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