What’s the difference between a fish and a car?

Biomimicry (n.) – the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

The other day, I was sitting outside reading a book when I noticed a leaf fall from a nearby tree.  As it sliced through the air, spinning back and forth before finally touching down, its random motion gradually became more rhythmic and beautiful.  Watching this leaf in free fall made my mind wander–as it often does–to an imaginary world where people would ride light, leaflike machines to work.  A world where wind tunnels would weave through cities, carrying their passengers efficiently and cleanly to wherever they need to go.  Snapping out of this fantasy, I was left with the idea that the nature surrounding us can serve as a blueprint for future technologies and design.

By imitating plants, animals, geothermic reactions, etc. to improve our lives, we would consequently be respecting it.  Taking care of it.  Cherishing it.

For this reason, the following article from Fast Company’s CoExist immediately caught my eye.  As it mentions, “The L.A. Auto Show recently held a design challenge with this truth in mind.  Car designers were tasked with using “biomimicry to increase the efficiency of our human capacity and improve mobility.”  So, while these designers used nature to improve car design, the concept of biomimicry is becoming more influential in all types of engineering.

See article here:  http://www.fastcoexist.com/3022844/5-crazy-personal-mobility-concepts-inspired-by-nature

If I am predicting correctly, it won’t be long until we see nature invade every aspect of our life.

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