How the courage of a few could change the world…

Even within the realm of medicine there are hundreds of different disciplines that need to be crossed.

This makes sense, since our bodies and organs are constantly working with each other on a daily basis.  The heart works with the kidneys, while they both work with the brain, while they then all depend on the digestive system to keep them energized and running.  This web of connections and cooperation between our organs is why we are alive, and it’s a truly beautiful thing.

In that same way, doctors with different specialties and focuses must always be communicating and be aware of other’s research.  In crossing medical disciplines, and keeping an open mind, physicians around the world will better be able to find solutions to medicine’s most glaring questions.

And what question, may I ask, is bigger than cancer?  That was obviously on these doctor’s minds when they decided to do something absolutely unheard of–some would even use the word crazy–in order to save one young girl’s life.

Check out the amazing story here!

(featured image and video courtesy of GE’s

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