This is it!  Tonight, Kristyn and I will be shooting our first episode…and WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.

Up until today, we–as well as Caroline Hatfield with VTV and our friends at Curb– have put an incredible amount of work into taking Building Bridges from just a silly idea to an actual television program.  As a person who has never really dabbled in either film or visual arts, it seems pretty unreal being able to use the phrases “shooting,” “on set,” or “aaaand  action!” when talking to the team.  Not going to lie, it feels kinda cool.

That all being said, our guests will be seniors Jim Jin and Shilpa Mokshagundam–two of the creators of an amazing project titled Sustainabears–who we feel truly embody what Building Bridges is all about.  While we won’t give too much away about what they are doing, I can tell you that their truly creative idea is one that has the potential to make the world a safer and healthier place.  So make sure to stay tuned as we will be looking to post our chat with them sometime in the coming week!


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