On campus, and even around the world, mankind’s greatest innovative strides have stemmed from those men and women who have successfully found ways to balance and build bridges between the “left brained” world of numbers, facts, and figures and the “right brained” world of creative, imaginative, and nontraditional thinking. Since we were kids, we were both always fascinated by individual stories of innovation ranging from a history major studying how social movements have influenced music over the years (or vice versa) or a Google web designer incorporating an artistic, and even entertaining, flair within the search engine’s complex coding.

Building Bridges is a one-year program dedicated to highlighting those creative, interdisciplinary ventures currently being undertaken by undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University.  In collaboration with the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy, our purpose is to invite these innovative leaders to discuss the inspiration, development, results, and goals of their projects.  In the end, we hope that Bridges will inspire others to continue “looking outside of the box” in their respective disciplines.

Whether one’s project or research is intended to change the course of history for the best, or simply bring a smile to one’s face, we truly believe that these individuals are—and have always been—the lifeblood that continues to drive our world to a more promising future.

Anchor Down,

Ben and Kristyn

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 12.46.17 PM

Throw what you know.


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